Guest Coffee Roaster

Guest Coffee Roaster – May 2021

From the team that brought to you the The World’s Largest Coffee Tasting in 2020, we’re excited to share that we’re featuring Square Mile Coffee Roasters from UK as our International Guest Coffee Roaster for May 2021. Be ready to be spoilt with amazing single origins and some of the best-selling specialty coffee beans.



A multi-award-winning coffee roasting company, Square Mile Coffee Roasters was founded in 2008 by speciality coffee pioneers, Anette Moldvaer and James Hoffmann. Synonymous with London coffee culture, we’ve grown to be a dynamic team of 25 talented coffee professionals, all sharing a wealth of experience and passion for what we do.



James Hoffman

James is the co-founder of Square Mile Coffee Roaster and the current Managing Director. He has been working in coffee since 2003, as a Barista, Barista Trainer and most recently as a Speaker & Consultant. He was the World Barista Champion in 2007 and also published the “The World Atlas of Coffee”.


How it all started


Before starting the company in 2008, James and his business partner Anette had been doing a lot of training and education. There comes a point where they felt that you ought to stop telling people what to do and to go and do it! They both travelled a lot, and were aware of blossoming coffee scenes around the world. They felt passionate about fostering that scene in London and bringing great coffee to a city that didn’t, at that time, have very much.

They initially planned to open a roastery cafe, but in early 2008 the world somewhat broke, so decided to just focus on roasting and wholesale, and helping passionate people open great cafes.


Inside their Amazing Roastery


To accommodate the increasing demand on their roasting capacity, Square Mile Coffee Roasters approached Kirkwood McCarthy when they had found an empty 880m² warehouse space in North London, and needed help realising their dream of a new headquarters. The brief was to keep the ground floor as clear as possible for the roastery, packaging and storage; and a new mezzanine would accommodate office space, staff kitchen, meeting, training and cupping rooms.



What is “The World’s Largest Coffee Tasting”?


The World’s Largest Coffee Tasting is an event put on by James Hoffmann and Square Mile Coffee Roasters, an East London-based roaster. All of the coffee for the kits was sourced and roasted by Square Mile and shipped to participants around the world. They shipped a total of 17,500 tasting kits, which is just an astounding number.

On October 3, 2020 almost 11,000 people gathered together virtually on the YouTube live feed to participate in the tasting together.


Stay tuned, more updates coming soon…


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