Auresso is a supplier of Specialty Organic teabags and loose teas based in Malaysia. Our range of organic teas are catered for retail or home use. It is also available for food service and comes in both teabags and loose leaves.

Auresso’s vision is always in providing quality and sustainable solutions to our clients. In 2019, we had an opportunity to meet Arjun from XO Teas Australia. It was an instant click as we were quite amazed at the level of quality and perfection adopted by Arjun. All of his teas go through a strict production process in order to be certified organic by the NASAA.

In the last 1 year, Auresso have been working closely with XO Teas to build the volume and awareness for organic teabags and loose teas in Malaysia. We’re happy to share that as of January 2020, there is almost 50 outlets currently serving XO teas in their food service establishments.

Retail boxes of XO Teas can also be found in B.I.G and Village Grocer hypermarkets, specifically at their Organic sections. All the flavors that you can find on our website are also available at the retail shelves of above hypermarkets. In addition, you can also check out our Gift Hampers where we have our XO teas in beautiful clear shrink wrapped hampers.

So, go ahead and try out our various teas. Brew better teas today!

We hope you enjoy the tea blends by XO Teas as much as we do 🙂

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