Auresso is a wholesale organic food service pyramid teabag supplier based in Malaysia. We Ship Worldwide!

Food service or catering industry defines those businesses responsible for any meal prepared outside the home. This industry includes cafes & restaurants, hotels, catering operations, and many more.

There are currently 7 flavors available under our food service category. In addition, all of these teas are certified organic by NASAA. Each flavor comes in a colorful bag of 100 teas, all packed in a biodegradable teabag.

Some flavors have up to 3g and remaining has 2.5g per bag. Because of the higher amount of tea per bag, it gives a strong brew up to a 120z cup.

Our Pyramid Teabags are made with Cotton paper and is of non-woven biomesh type. We only use biodegradable pyramid bags because we care for the environment!

Auresso provides wholesale food service organic pyramid teabag supply in Malaysia. If you would like to receive a sample pack for your business use, Whatsapp to us at +60162081259.

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