Auresso is a coffee bean supplier focusing on espresso blends and single origin coffee in Malaysia. We publish all product details with consent from the featured coffee roaster. We ship Worldwide. Our International Coffee Roaster option is mainly to offer and highlight some of the famous and award winning coffee roasters from around the world.

For the love of coffee, we know there’s plenty of amazing single origin coffees  in the marker and it’s our aim to be able to offer them to all coffee brewers in Malaysia. We will feature 2 International famous coffee roasters  every month. Do scroll down for details on order deadlines and delivery schedules.

All our beans are imported via express air-freight service and we will assure your coffee bean supplies arrive within a few days post roast. For international deliveries, do expect your beans to be around 12 days post roast.


Current Guest Coffee Roaster:

Started in 2011, Cupping Room is an award-winning small-batch specialty coffee roastery based in Hong Kong. As a pioneer in the local specialty coffee scene, Cupping Room sources the best green beans around the globe, roasts to perfection and brews with heart.

Cupping Room is a household name for anyone who follows coffee competitions, where they’ve dominated at the world level since they opened in 2011. We roast coffees with great aroma, sweetness, and clarity of flavour. Above all else, this is our identity and what guides our craft. We work directly with producers and trusted partners to buy coffees season after season, when they are in-season, to ensure the best possible quality.

Ordering Period:
1/12/23 – 7/12/23

Receive your coffee around: 22/12/23
Tentative Roast Date: 12/12/23

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