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Cupping Room Coffee Roasters – HK

By Auresso, a specialty coffee bean supplier based in Malaysia. We Ship Worldwide!

Who are they?
Cupping Room Coffee Roasters is an award-winning small batch specialty coffee roastery located in Hong Kong. They have been roasting coffee since 2016 on a Probat UG15 Retro roaster.

What’s the story with their coffee?
Cupping Room Coffee Roasters offer coffees that are freshly harvested to ensure the most vibrant and transparent flavours possible.  They love coffees that have great aroma, sweetness, and clean acidity. They do this by sourcing only from the best coffee farms from around the world, purchased through our relationships with producers directly, or sourced with our green buyer who shares our aspirations for quality.

Each coffee has its unique characteristics, influenced by its terroir, variety, and processing conditions.  Paying attention to these traits in green coffee, they roast each coffee uniquely, aiming to highlight each coffee’s finest qualities, like how we would for competition, so you can Brew Like a Champ!

What’s their Roasting style?
For all their coffees, Cupping Room do what they consider as to be a “competition roast” which is ideal for filter as well as a brighter, favour-forward espresso like that they would use for coffee competitions.

They also have Attaboy, which is the seasonal espresso blend, that is roasted a few degrees darker and recommended for milk based beverages.

What is special about their coffee and roasting?
Well, we’ll leave that for you to judge. Below are some of the awards they have won in recent years..

Cupping Room’s Competition Achievements

Hong Kong Barista Championships
2011 – 2nd Place
2012 – 1st Place
2013 – 1st and 3rd Place
2014 – 1st Place
2015 – 1st and 2nd Place
2016 – 1st Place

Hong Kong Brewers Cup Championships
2015 – 1st Place
2016 – 2nd Place
2017 – 2nd Place
2018 – 2nd Place
Hong Kong Coffee in Good Spirits Championships
2018 – 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Place
2019 – 1st and 6th Place

World Barista Championships
2013 – 15th Place
2014 – 2nd Place
2015 – 4th Place
2016 – 11th Place
2017 – 3rd Place

World Brewers Cup Championships
2016 – 4th Place
World Coffee in Good Spirits Championships
2019 – 2nd Place
Cupping Room’s Affiliated Competition Achievements
Indonesia Barista Championship
2017 – 5th Place
Japan Barista Championship
2017 – 1st Place
2018 – 2nd Place
Singapore Barista Championship
2018 – 3rd Place
South Korea Barista Championship
2018 – 3rd Place
United Arab Emirates Barista Championship
2018 – 3rd Place
World Barista Championship
2018 – 11th and 18th Place
2019 – 33rd Place
World Brewers Cup Championship
2019 – 7th Place
World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship
2019 – 14th Place

Cupping Room’s Team Accreditations
2012, 2013, 2016 Hong Kong Barista Champion
2015 Hong Kong Brewers Cup Champion
2019 Hong Kong Coffee in Good Spirits Champion
2007 Canadian Barista Champion
World Barista Championships Sensory & Head Judge (2009-)

Auresso is a specialty coffee bean supplier based in Malaysia. We ship worlwide. Cupping Room coffee roasters is featured as our April 2020 guest coffee roaster. For more details, visit Auresso

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Visit Cupping Room Coffee Roasters website here

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