Guest Coffee Roaster

Guest Coffee Roaster – June 2021

Every month, we feature a brand new international coffee roaster under our Guest Coffee Roaster option. Pre-orders are available for the first 2 weeks, where the collected orders are then freshly roasted and delivered around the third week of the month.

For the month of June 2021, we’re excited to announce that we have Onyx Coffee Lab from US as our guest coffee roaster 🙂



Onyx Coffee Lab, founded by Jon and Andrea, was born in October of 2012. Back then, they were struggling to get access to the kind of green coffee samples they were interested in. When no one knows who you are, no one wants to take a chance on you.Today Onyx consist of a roasting facility, three stores with another on the way, 59 baristas, two roasters, a delivery guy, a warehouse grandpa, and a toddler.

Onys’x commitment to seeking out quality green coffee ranges from trips to origin where Jon, part owner, and green buyer, cups hundreds of coffees in search of the one or two that fits what they’re looking for. In addition, they roast and cup dozens of coffee samples a week in their lab.



They roast on two machines: a Diedrich IR-12 and a vintage Diedrich IR-40. The profiling process is a meticulous balance between developing the coffees enough to bring out the sugar browning flavors without masking the delicate floral and fruit notes a coffee may have.


Awards in 2020

US Brewers Cup Championship – 1st place, Elika Liftee
US Barista Championship – 1st place, Andrea Allen
US Brewers Cup Championship – 2nd place, Lance Henrick


In 2020, Onyx took another major step forward, unveiling a complete rebrand for all packaging and the website. The most striking change is the introduction of a new color palette for their coffee packaging. From the brand’s original three color system (black, white, and gold), it has expanded to a whopping 10.



The colors were chosen to evoke the cupping notes of each single-origin or blend offered.Here’s the color key, according to Onyx:

1.Black = Foundation and Rare
2.Concrete / Dark Gray = Complex
3.Green = Natural and Origin-specific Processing
4.Light Gray / Stone = Balance
5.Mustard = Spicy
6.Peach = Geometry Blend
7.Pink / Rose Quartz = Tropical and Floral
8.Red = Limited-run Micro-lots
9.Royal Blue = Long-term Producer Partnerships
10.White = Developed Roasts and Rich Flavors


Excited? We’re launching this on the 1st of June and will be available till the 14th June for pre-orders. For options, kindly visit Here.