Guest Coffee Roaster

Guest Coffee Roaster – July 2021

Every month, we feature a brand new international coffee roaster under our Guest Coffee Roaster option. Pre-orders are available for the first 2 weeks, where the collected orders are then freshly roasted and delivered around the third week of the month.

For the month of June 2021, we’re excited to announce that we have His Majesty the Coffee from Italy as our guest coffee roaster.




HMC is dedicated to high quality single origin coffees as well as flavorsome blend created with some of the finest beans the World has to offer. HMC is focused on long term successful partnership. We are therefore happy to share our vision and attentions to details with every business aligned with our love for high quality specialty coffee.


“His Majesty the Coffee” is a specialty micro-roastery established in 2013 Italy, quality and innovation-oriented, one of the first Italian roastery dealing only with speciality coffee.


HMC roastery is equipped with a cold room to properly store the green beans, keeping a constant temperature at 12° C. The humidity rate between 50% and 60% ensures the coffee stay always fresh and keep the right moisture until is going to be roasted. To preserve roast green beans in the best condition, we store them in a separate room from the green ones. The temperature is 20° C, so coffees are less subject to thermal shock, in particular during summertime.



Awards & Competitions

His Majesty the Coffee was voted Top 3 Best Specialty Coffee Roaster in the 2018 European Coffee Awards. HMC will also be competing in the 2021 Roast Masters coffee roasting competition which is scheduled in November 2021 at Amsterdam.



The story behind the name

Paolo Scimone, the founder of HMC, moved to London in 2005 working as a barista. From 2007 to 2009 he took over a coffee shop in Monza and later he worked 3 years for a roaster based in Varese and finally in 2013 he gave birth to His Majesty the Coffee. The brand His Majesty the Coffee is a reflection of his passion for England and the Royal family during his tenure in London.


On a more serious note, Paolo is a Q-Grader for arabica and robusta, SCA AST (Specialty Coffee Association Authorised Trainer), trainer for the International Institute of Coffee Tasting (IIAC) and trainer & co-founder of Italian Roasting School (IRS).



Ordering for coffee beans from His Majesty the Coffee is available from the 1st July till the 14th July 2021.

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