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Roasted coffee bean supplier in Malaysia

Hi there! I’m Ramesh and i am the Founder & CEO of Auresso Coffee Sdn Bhd. Auresso was established in year 2012 with the sole purpose of creating awareness and supplying specialty coffee beans for the Malaysian market. While we initially started off by partnering with selected roasters in Australia, we have since expanded our lineup to include both International and Local coffee roasters. Today, we are the only roasted coffee bean supplier in Malaysia focusing in both retail and wholesale market that are able to supply various types of coffees from local and international coffee roasters.


roasted coffee bean supplier in Malaysia


Roasted coffee beans from International coffee roaster


Our roasted coffee bean option under International coffee roasters includes any coffee roasters based outside of Malaysia and is not limited to certain countries. In the past, we have worked with specialty coffee roasters from Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan, US, England, Ireland, Sweden, Canada, Spain, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Italy and Denmark.


Our process is simple, we advertise the options available from the roaster for a week, collect orders and submit final orders to the particular International coffee roaster once the ordering period is closed. Once the order is ready, we import it down to our facility in Klang via express air freight where the individual orders are then packed for dispatch via local courier. Overall, your coffee beans should be within 10 days post roast on average, which makes it ideal for you to start brewing them.


  • 2 different International coffee roaster every month
  • Ordering period is from 1st till 7th and 14th till 21st of every month. Expect delivery within 10 days after ordering period is closed.
  • Only in whole beans. Options include selected single origins coffees on Filter & Espresso roast, premium coffee blends and rare premium varietals including Geisha coffee
  • Earl bird discount available. If you purchase within the first 2 days of the launch of a new coffee roaster, you’ll get to enjoy additional 10% discount on top of any discount codes you may have collected from Auresso.


roasted coffee bean supplier in Malaysia


Roasted coffee beans from Local coffee roaster


If you love coffee but have been drinking mostly commercial and instant coffees, then this will be a good starting point for you. Our selections from selected coffee roaster are categorized into different roast profiles and are available both in whole beans and grounded. As such, these options are suitable even you don’t have a coffee grinder. All orders are dispatched out within a few days, and the coffees are either from their latest batch or roasted freshly.


In regard to grind settings, you may refer to below:

Whole Bean – choose this if you have your own coffee grinder
Fine – choose this for Espresso brewing
Medium Fine – choose this for Aeropress & Mokapot brewing
Medium – choose this for Pour Over and Drip brewing. This includes V60, Kalita, automated drip coffee maker, etc.
Medium Coarse – choose this for French Press brewing
Coarse – choose this for Cold Brew brewing


Light & Filter Roast coffee

Filter coffee highlights a coffee’s individual flavour notes, As such, roasting for filter should focus on preserving the specific characteristics of that coffee. These coffees are suitable especially if you brew manually using pour-over such V60 drip, Kalita, Chemex and more. Our current options for Light & Filter roast coffee are from Coffeehead Roastery, Kuantan and Ghostbird Coffee Roastery, KL.

  • Suitable for manual hand brew coffee – V60 drip, Kalita, Chemex etc.
  • Available in Whole Beans & Grounded – Fine, Medium Fine, Medium, Medium Coarse & Coarse
  • Not suitable to be used for milk based coffees


roasted coffee bean supplier in Malaysia


Medium Roast coffee

Medium roast coffees are roasted a little longer than our Light & Filter roast coffees. We also roast it a little hotter to increase the body and decrease the acidity. These coffees are brown color, rarely has an oily surface and have a medium acidity and body. We recommend medium roast coffees for espresso based beverages either on black or with milk.

  • Suitable for Espresso based beverages, Aeropress, Mokapot & French press
  • Available in Whole Beans & Grounded – Fine, Medium Fine, Medium, Medium Coarse & Coarse
  • Suitable for both milk and non-milk based beverage. Expect coffees to taste with medium acidity and body



Medium Dark & Dark Roast coffee

These coffees are roasted longer than a medium roast. As such, the coffee beans have a strong coffee flavor which is suitable for milk based coffee drinks. There may be some visible oils but definitely not super oily as how you would notice in commercial and super dark roast coffees. Our medium dark roast coffees are sweeter due to the caramelization effect from a longer roast. Also expect coffees to have richer flavor with fuller body and lower acidity.

  • Suitable for Espresso based beverages, Aeropress, Mokapot & French press
  • Available in Whole Beans & Grounded – Fine, Medium Fine, Medium, Medium Coarse & Coarse
  • Suitable for milk based beverage. Expect coffees to taste with heavier body and low acidity.



Wholesale coffee bean supply for Cafes & Restaurant

As we are not roasting coffees on our own, this has become one of our advantage in the sense that we are able to cater to different needs of a coffee business.As a roasted coffee bean supplier in Malaysia, we understand that a particular coffee may not work for all. This is due to many factors, which includes price, target market, taste profiles, type of equipment being used and more. As such, we will provide consultation and samples of different coffee beans so that you can try and engage with your customers to get their feedback as well. Get in touch via Whatsapp and we’ll share more details on our wholesale coffee bean supplies.

  • Multiple coffee blends designed specially for Cafe & Restaurant use
  • A wide range of price depending on quality and origin in order to meet your budget
  • Discounted prices for other beverage products from Auresso which includes drinking chocolate powder, organic teas, uji matcha and houjicha, chai latte powder and coffee cascara
  • Cash rebates for commercial coffee grinder and machine purchase



Trusted roasted coffee bean supplier in Malaysia since 2012


At Auresso, we believe customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. You can expect excellent customer service, support and assistance when you get engage with us.  We have been a roasted coffee bean supplier in Malaysia since year 2012 and our Google reviews from our trusted clients below speak for itself:


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Subaharan Marimuthu – Owner at APO Coffee”
Love their espresso blend and as a small business owner who just started, I have had amazing customer feedbacks off their signature blend. Also how they work & partner with international rosters to bring in and market their signature blends.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Evelyn Teoh – Home brewer”
Ramesh is a very responsive, amazing person as he provides a lot of helpful advice. I would highly recommend Auresso to anyone that is looking for a coffee supplier.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Crystal Poh – Owner at Tom & Berry Bakery Cafe”
It has been 5 years since I first purchased my coffee beans and matcha powder from Auresso. Ramesh has always been supportive and very informative throughout the start-up of my cafe till now. Products are of good quality and delivery of products is on time.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Saeed Mohammed Taufique – Owner at Code Black Espresso”
Auresso is run by real good honest folks, who carries items of absolute quality from various parts of the world. Service is also top notch, and the have never failed me the last 4.5 yrs I’ve been purchasing from them. Their main products are premium to specialty coffees, chocolates and teas.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “CK Chan – Home brewer”
Very responsible seller and will answer your request within hour. Had few great experience buying from Auresso. They have very good guest roaster almost every month to try. Highly recommended to other.


Auresso is roasted coffee bean supplier in Malaysia since 2012. We work with selected specialty coffee roaster from local and international to offer some of the best single origin coffees, espresso blends and rare geisha coffees both on filter and espresso roasts.