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Why Are Single Origin Coffee Beans Sought After?

The difference between single origin coffee beans and a coffee blend may seem insignificant, and some people believe that referring to coffee beans as “single origin” is nothing but a fancy name to excuse a raise in price. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Single origin coffee beans are more than a fancy name slapped on a label. They are truly sought after by eager coffee connoisseurs, and it’s not without reason. Many people adore single origin coffee beans for their powerful flavors and pure taste. Want to learn more about single origin coffee beans? Here are the basic facts that you should know!


What’s the Difference Between Single Origin Coffee Beans and Coffee Blends?


In short, a coffee described as having “single origin coffee beans” is a coffee where all the beans originate from the same country. A further subset of single origin coffee beans would be beans that are sourced from a specific region or specific farm. When coffee beans can be traced back to a very specific place in the world, sometimes down to the very group of trees that grew the beans you are sampling, then you can also say you are drinking micro-lot coffee (or even nano-lot coffee). As any coffee lover knows, not all coffee beans are created equal, and the region the bean comes from will hugely affect your coffee’s taste. Many people enjoy blended coffees, but for some people, a single, powerful flavor is highly sought after for its purity and exquisite taste.


Blends are not as easy to create as you may think. Throwing random beans together will not always guarantee a delicious taste. A coffee bean roaster must be very familiar with beans, their origin countries, and their tastes in order to brew delicious coffee for themselves or their customers.


What are the Taste Differences?


There are so many variations of coffee out there. However, single origin coffee beans are usually described as tasting more citrusy or even flowery, and are said to be “the coffee flavor in its purest form.” Meanwhile, coffee blends tend to include a mix of flavors such as caramel, chocolate, or nutty flavors.


Why are Single Origin Coffee Beans More Expensive?


One of the main benefits of single origin coffee beans is the fact that the beans are traceable. Many people enjoy single origin coffee beans for more than they’re pure coffee taste. If you can trace your bean back to the source, then you can:

  • Know exactly what type of coffee you prefer or what to avoid (For example, perhaps you prefer coffee sourced from beans in northern Brazil over southern Brazil)
  • Keep track of any coffee bean news about the health of trees, or the economic stability of the country your favorite beans come from. If there is a labor strike in your preferred origin country, then the price of the beans might rise and you will need to decide if your favorite drink is worth it. If you know where your beans are sourced from, then you will have a better understanding of the situation and the reason for the price boost
  • Today, consumers are increasingly interested in the origin of their food and drink and the labor it takes to produce it. You may like to know the origin of your favorite coffee bean so you can investigate not just the economic state of the country, but how the country treats its workers and their human rights
  • It also takes longer to brew single origin coffee than a blend, and it may use more resources than a blend does as well (For example, a blend will only require a few beans from multiple countries while a few cups of single origin coffee will deplete a supply of beans more quickly). Many people who are hurrying to work in the morning are not interested in waiting the extra time for their single origin coffee beans to be properly roasted, so they opt for blends instead


Where Can I Buy Single Origin Coffee Beans Online?


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