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How to Choose the Right Coffee Grinder

Bringing a coffee grinder into your own home can save you time and money in the mornings so you don’t end up standing in line for expensive coffees. With a high quality grinder, you can make your favorite brew from the comfort of your own home. In fact, freshly ground beans that you’ve brewed yourself might taste even better than those you’ve paid someone else to organize. If you have limited experience brewing your own coffee, then you may not be sure how to choose the right coffee grinder for your needs. There are many different types of coffee grinders out there on the market, and today, we’ll be reviewing some features that you should keep your eyes out for while looking for your perfect coffee grinder.


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What Should I Look For Choosing The Right Coffee Grinder?


Pre-ground coffee beans may be convenient to purchase for your morning brews, but most of the time, pre-ground coffee beans are stale even at the store. Many pre-ground coffee beans may be too coarse or too fine for the brew you are trying to make. The coarseness of the bean can dramatically affect the flavor, so the most important thing to determine before you decide to invest your cash into a new coffee grinder is, “What is the coffee I will most commonly brew and what type of beans does it take to make it?” Or, more specifically, what size and texture of beans do you prefer, and which grinder will handle those beans best to brew a delicious result?


Blade Grinders


Most blade grinders are less expensive than their burr grinder counterparts, but they don’t grind your coffee beans at consistent sizes. This means you may end up with chunks in your coffee, and more importantly, it means you are not extracting the highest quality from your coffee beans.


Advantages of Blade Grinders


A blade grinder is a good choice for a beginning coffee brewer who is looking for an affordable option for at-home coffee brewing. There are many sturdy and long-lasting blade grinders on the market which will allow you to enjoy delicious coffee that you brew yourself; a blade grinder will still allow you to bring out a notable taste from your favorite coffee beans, especially when compared to a bag of pre-brewed coffee beans that has grown stale from sitting on the supermarket shelves.If you are looking to brew coffee more seriously, however, then it may be worth investing in a burr grinder.


Burr Grinders


Burr grinders, sometimes known as burr mills, grind up coffee beans between two revolving burrs. Burr grinders are very popular as they are able to grind all your beans down to equal, consistent sizes. You should find that it is easy to adjust a burr grinder so you can grind beans coarsely or extra fine depending on your preference, and a burr grinder will deliver this size consistently in a way that a blade grinder won’t. If you are looking to brew a variety of coffees to precise specifications, then a burr grinder is the coffee grinder for you.


  • TIP – Choose a burr grinder that runs on low speeds. This will prevent the beans from gathering static while they grind, which will preserve their aroma and flavor best


Burr Grinder Shapes


Burr grinders come in multiple shapes: flat burr grinders and conical burr grinders. A conical burr will grind your beans extra quickly, which can be a great help on busy mornings, but it may cost you some of the flavor as a result. If you are looking to make your beans come out with the most consistent particle size every time, we recommend you choose a flat burr. A flat burr is a good choice for grinding beans that will be used in espresso drinks, and conical burrs are best for drip and press brew methods which will still result in a delicious brew even when the beans are a large or uneven size.


Burr Grinder Materials


Burr grinders can be made of different materials, and you will most commonly see them offered in steel or ceramic. Steel will heat up and cool down quickly, and they are sturdy enough to last for a long time. However, ceramic burrs have a longer lifespan. When you are already investing in an expensive machine, it may be worth choosing a ceramic burr that will last a long time. Ceramic burrs tend to average more expensive than steel burrs, however, and they are also more brittle than steel burrs, which could result in them cracking or breaking if hard objects that aren’t beans end up in your burr.


Disadvantages of Burr Grinders


There are a few disadvantages to burr grinders that you should keep in mind before you rush out to buy your own. First, burr grinders are much more expensive than your average blade grinder. They also use a lot of energy compared to blade grinders, and are rather large, bulky appliances to keep in your kitchen. Before you order one, check the dimensions online and make a plan for where you would like to put your new coffee grinder. A burr coffee grinder can bring out exquisite flavors and aromas from your coffee beans, but you


Keep Others In Mind


When choosing a grinder, you should always remember that you aren’t the only one who will be using it (unless, of course, you are). Are there other people in your home who are looking to brew their own coffee in the mornings? Keep an eye out for grinders that can be adjusted for a variety of brewing options. Most grinders do offer a wide range of sizes for a variety of quality coffee brewing needs, but it’s always good practice to double check so you don’t end up bringing home a coffee grinder that can offer one person in the household their favorite brew.


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