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Voilà is specialty instant coffee. Every cup is meticulously crafted from the best specialty coffees in the world to precise extractions: upholding quality from farm to cup. With Voilà, you don’t have to settle for office coffee or lug around brew equipment every day. If you have water, you can have amazing coffee in seconds.

The vision of Voilà is to make the best instant coffee in the World with full transparency from farm to roaster to cup – allowing anyone from a master barista to your average joe to enjoy a surprisingly balanced and delicious cup of coffee. Hopefully, this will allow you to try new coffees from roasters all across the country, broadening your palate and enjoyment for the world of high quality, ethically sourced specialty coffees.

Voilà was started by Kent Sheridan in January of 2016 out of a desire to make specialty coffee approachable while combining his love for exploring new coffees and roasters. Kent dove in head first to relentlessly follow his pursuit of creating the best instant coffee in the World. That lead down an almost two-year path of developing a completely unique processing technique that allows for Voilà to achieve incredible flavors with each coffee used. Kent finally brought Voilà to the market in November of 2017. The result is a clean, transparent, and vibrant filter-style cup of coffee.