At Hasbean, we believe it’s more important to be good than to be cool–that’s why we’re focused on flavours and relationships.

We source the best coffees we can find through a network of producers we’ve built long-term relationships with: good people committed to growing coffees that demonstrate process, variety, terroir, and farming skill.

Through our work building and growing relationships, we offer a wide range of coffees, reflecting the diversity available. We roast them to order, profiled to maximise their unique qualities, and delivered fresh so you have the best opportunity to experience them.

Dale Harris is the Director of Wholesale at Hasbean Coffee, ans was the Barista Champion of the United Kingdom and also the Barista Champion of the World in 2017. Dale has won after years of competing and working in the industry. Since 2009, Dale had seen many top placements, and also had come second in the UK the three consecutive years before 2017. With as many years of competition behind his belt, he had seen many progressive changes in the competition rules, set-up of the stage, and the requirements put on the competitors. And he used all of this knowledge in the latest presentation that won him the title.