Chocolate Powder

Why Drinking Chocolate is the Best Way to Get Your Fix



Drinking Chocolate, also known as hot chocolate, is one way to get your chocolate fix, even if it’s not something you generally think about as providing this for you. It might be the case that you have always thought that hot chocolate didn’t provide you with the same level of happiness and contentment as eating a bar of chocolate would, but if you try it, you will see it’s not true. In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the reasons why drinking chocolate powder is the best way to help you get your chocolate fix. 


Warms You Up


First, the great thing about drinking chocolate is that it keeps you warm through the winter months when it’s turned into hot chocolate. Combining the two simply makes sense if you are craving chocolate, but you’re also freezing and debating a warm drink. You can feel the warmth spread through you with the first sip of your chocolatey goodness! It’s like having coffee, but you don’t have to take in all that caffeine, and you have killed two birds with one stone by choosing the chocolate powder.


Even if your regular drink of choice in the cold weather is coffee, it doesn’t give you the same chocolatey goodness that hot chocolate gives you. Try something new, and we guarantee you that you will not regret it. As well as this, hot chocolate is quite a soothing drink. Instead of giving you a big perk up as coffee does, it simply tastes delicious and soothes you with its heat.


Fewer Calories, More Chocolate


Did you know that there are fewer calories in a hot chocolate than in a chocolate bar in most cases, not all of them, of course? Of course, this will depend on whether you add whipped cream, marshmallows and extras to your hot chocolate, and it also depends on which chocolate bar you are comparing it to. But, for the most part, fewer calories means that you can have more without feeling guilty about it. Getting your chocolate fix is important, so why would you not want to get as much of it as possible within the same day? It works perfect for those guilt-free cheat days!


You can look at some of the chocolate powder options from Auresso if you haven’t had much experience with hot chocolate. Our range of hot chocolate powder is fantastic, and we offer some of the most delicious strengths to cater to each person’s taste. If you like your hot chocolate quite bitter and strong, you need to look for a powder with a higher percentage.


An Exciting Range Of Flavors


Hot chocolate typically comes in a range of flavors or can have things added to the regular powder to make it taste completely different. For example, some people enjoy a warm mint hot chocolate completed by adding a shot of mint to the drink. Or, you can add more milk, less milk, caramel, marshmallows, whipped cream, and so much more to make your drinking chocolate more exciting. 


If you head to a coffee shop, they tend to have a range of flavors available for hot chocolate, especially if it is around some kind of holiday such as Christmas. Hot chocolate doesn’t have to be bland when it’s made right. It can be a delicious treat. In some cases, the flavor is so incredible that you might feel like you are eating a dessert more than simply having a hot chocolate drink. It’s amazing the things you can create from chocolate powder alone.


It’s Something A Little Different


It’s not the most common choice for a drink, we know. Many people love a good cup of hot chocolate when it’s snowing outside or close to Christmas, but most of the time, you don’t find people drinking hot chocolate out of the winter seasons. Well, not that they will admit to anyway. Hot chocolate is something a little different that you can try to bring a little variety to your life. This is not to say that because you start drinking hot chocolate to get your chocolate fix that it is now the only hot drink that you are allowed to consume; this is not the case at all. You can still go back to your coffee or your tea if you want to. But, you never know, you might decide to stick with this option after all. This also makes a great addition as an add in to your coffee, so there’s no limits to what you can do with hot chocolate powder.


In Case Of Injury


Now, this one might sound silly- but stay with us because this is an important point. Sometimes, you find that your mouth hurts or a particular tooth hurts. So, how are you supposed to get your chocolate fix now if you don’t want to eat anything solid for fear of hurting your mouth? Drinking chocolate is the answer that you probably never would have thought of. You get to experience the creamy goodness of chocolate without the risk of hurting yourself or your tooth any further. It’s a win-win for everyone, especially you.


You might just want to be careful with the temperature of the hot chocolate you are drinking. Sometimes if you have a pain in your mouth, it’s best to wait for it to cool down a little before you attempt to take a sip. You don’t want to add more problems to the list.


We hope you have found this article helpful and now see some of the reasons why drinking chocolate powder is a great alternative for a chocolate lover. There are so many different reasons why this is a fantastic idea, and it’s well worth a try if you’re craving chocolate but don’t have any nearby. Auresso has some of the best supply of chocolate drink in Malaysia that are both sold retail as well as wholesale, so check us out! You never know; this might become your new favorite drink and way to get chocolate into your life.