Some of you may have known as the guys who brought down beans from Australian roasters. Yes we were for most part of our early years when the awareness and availability of specialty roasted coffee beans was limited in Malaysia.

However in the recent years, many local roasters have established and have helped towards elevating the overall awareness of specialty coffee beans. Generally, specialty coffee beans refers to green coffee beans that have been graded and scored above 80 points. As such, specialty green beans are assured of a certain quality and meets certain standards of ethical processing.

With that, in late 2019, together with our friends from Ghostbird Coffee Roastery, Auresso launched our own in-house blends which are Rookie, All Star and the Hall of Fame blend. These blends are specially created according to our intended flavor profiles and roasted expertly by Ghostbird Coffee.

Our process is simple, we take orders with a deadline every end of Monday, and scheduled for dispatch on the same week. Beans will be generally only a few days post roast when you receive them.

All blends are available in 3 different sizes; 250g, 500g and 1Kg bags. Complimentary grind options are available, just select on your preferred brewing method on the product options.

We hope you enjoy our beans as much as we do 🙂