By Auresso, a premium single origin drinking chocolate powder supplier. Make the best hot and iced chocolate drink today!

Hot Chocolate is made with actual real milk or dark chocolate that has been shaved, ground or chopped up then melted and combined with milk or water. On the other hand, Hot Cocoa has a thinner consistency and tends to be creamier and sweeter because of the additives.

We don’t supply cocoa powder. We supply only delicious single origin drinking chocolate powder, perfect for your beverage needs.

Our single origin chocolate powder are from The Original Cocoa Traders Australia. There are 3 blends to choose from. All the blends are Gluten & GMO Free, artificial preservatives and filler free, and are suitable for Vegans.


Not sure which to choose?

Well, think of it this way..

Koko Deluxe 42% – melted milk chocolate taste.

Premium Mofo Deluxe 50% – melted dark chocolate taste.

Mofo Deluxe 29% – balanced, somewhere in between with hints of dark chocolate as it contains additional grated dark chocolate.

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