Auresso is a premium retail beverage supplies provider focusing mainly on freshly roasted coffee for home, organic teas for home, premium chocolate powder for home use, pure uji matcha and chai latte powder.

If you’re shopping around for Home use or if you would like to try a product first before buying on volume, you have come to the right place. All products we list here are suitable for Home use. We include brewing guides at respective product pages.

Products under our retail beverage supplies section, are either loose items or available in small bags. There is no minimum order quantity to enjoy our Retail products, you may purchase as many as you need. In addition, the coffee for home use comes in multiple sizes and have options for whole bean and grounded coffee. Teas for home comes in options for Black and Green teas, and also in Herbal because there are some who can’t or avoids caffeine. If you have a sweet tooth, our chocolate powder for home use may well be your next favorite beverage, they’re simply delicious 🙂

If you’re a Cafe or Business owner and would like to purchase for your outlet use, kindly visit our Wholesale Section. Products listed here will be cheaper due to purchases in higher volume.

For more details, kindly email to or Whatsapp to +6016-2081259. We Ship Worldwide!

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AKACIA – Organic Rooibos Tea (75g Loose)

8 item(s) sold


ALL STAR – Medium Roast, Specialty Grade Arabica Coffee Blend

74 item(s) sold


BOSSA NOVA – Organic Detox Green Tea (25 Teabag)

4 item(s) sold


BRACOL – Medium Roast Arabica Coffee Blend by Drum Coffee Roaster

25 item(s) sold


BRAGUA – Dark Roast Arabica Coffee Blend by Drum Coffee Roaster

46 item(s) sold


CHAI ME – Sweetened Chai Latte Powder

6 item(s) sold


CHAI ME – Fresh & Sticky Chai Whole Spice Blend

6 item(s) sold


CHAI ME – Golden Turmeric Latte Powder

5 item(s) sold


COLOMBIA LOS PINOS HONEY – Filter Roast Single Origin by Coffeehead Roastery

6 item(s) sold


DAYBED – Organic Lemongrass & Ginger Tea (25 Teabag)

3 item(s) sold


EL SALVADOR CRUZ GORDA – Filter Roast Single Origin by Coffeehead Roastery

15 item(s) sold


ETHIOPIA SIDAMO DAYE WASHED – Espresso Single Origin 500g by Coffeehead Roastery

1 item(s) sold